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Video Professor Reviews

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  • Netbook/Power Point

    My customer number is 17089793.On 3/31/10 I called VP and talked about ordering Power Point. I was told by Desiree that they had a promotion and if I ordered it, I would get a free netbook with 2gb ram, 160 gig hard drive,2 USB ports, 1 memory card reader along with the Power Point. I would get a redemption certificate emailed to me and I would have access to their on line help within 2 hours and for one year. I ordered, and received the Power Point, had access to the website. My credit card was charged $399.95 on April 1, 2010. I have never received the netbook and have emailed and called... More...
    VickieLH1's Picture   VickieLH1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint / no refund

    I ordered your product 01/13/10 customer # 16786297 I have made numerous phone calls to your company after returning the product in a timely fashion. I have been promised several times my refund will be made guess what??? I AM STILL WAITING!!! This is nothing more than a total SCAM!!! I hope something is done to put you completely out of business so you can not ripoff any more people!! More...
    results40's Picture   results40    0 Comments   Comments
  • Obligation

    My husband ordered a CD regarding How To Sell On Ebay,the ad said Free First CD no obligation to buy more.A week later another CD arrived, my husband never opened it and sent it right back,the day it arrived! He received his Visa bill and they charged $399.95 as well as shipping costs for the first one. He called but a recorded message says go to their web site. We went to the web site but there is no way to contact anyone! Please help. DO Not Buy From This Company!!! More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    mperegrine's Picture   mperegrine    0 Comments   Comments
  • Free eBay disc

    I ordered from Video Professor their FREE 'learn eBay' disc. Recieved it and about 10 days later recieved 'learn eBay - Advanced' that I did NOT order and when I recieved my credit card statement, a CHARGE of $189.95 for the advanced copy. Tried to phone Video Professor, a recorded message sent me to this site. Said they would get back to me within three business days. Guess what, haven't been contacted by them and I don't know how to contact them.....At this point I'm thinking SCAM by one of their employees or someone's getting credit card... More...
    rlessexjr's Picture   rlessexjr    0 Comments   Comments
  • return

    I'am having the worst time getting my refund from video professor i comply with all there return policy and return there product to them they said it would 30 days before i get my money back needless to say my money have not been return they gave me this code to put on the return so i would have no problem. What legal process can i take because this is wrong on every level More...
    (Legal Services)
    Hellbou169's Picture   Hellbou169    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refund trouble

    I foolishly order Video Professor's trial offer back in early Feb. I returned the product within the time frame and was promised my account would be refunded within 15 days. I called and was told it takes a month to process refunds, which is hogwash, because I've worked retail and it doesn't take that long. The woman I spoke to was very rude, so I asked to speak with her supervisor. Said supervisor, Ryan was even ruder! Now when you called either number you get a recording, which says they are going to online support only and please be patient. Well my patience is at an end!... More...
    (Education, Schools)
    auriel59's Picture   auriel59    0 Comments   Comments
  • returning video/sending more

    I Called back in Feb./10, to receive a free video that I heard John W. Scherer offer. In talking to the person on the phone, I got talked into trying some more videos, which I could return at NO cost withen 30 days.At 74 yrs. of age, I forget to return the videos. I found my error when i got billed on 3/25,-$69.95,vidprof*so#37689909.I understand I'm to get 3 videos/month.I don't want them. I responded to your free offer, that is all I want. I wasted an hour trying to call vidprof.1-800-525-7763. I spent another hour trying to find where & how to send my message If I... More...
    takenneally's Picture   takenneally    0 Comments   Comments
  • Need refund

    Purchase video professor by phone for $389.00 and returned it by certified mail the first week of Feb. 2010. Have talked to the follow customer service representitiveson the below dates. 3-10-2010- Susan you will be refunded in next 15 days. 4-02-2010- Kathleen you will be refunded in next 3-to 5 days. 4-8-2010 - Erin, you will be refunded in next 15 days. 4-19-2010- Gloria, you will be refunded in next 7-to 10 days. 3-10-2010- Susan you will be refunded in next 15 days. 5-4-2010 Now no phone services. More...
    (Computers, Software, Hardware - Sponsored by APPLE)
    0202's Picture   0202    0 Comments   Comments
  • video professor

    after viewing the commercial for the free video on t.v. I deicied to order the free cd online. I payed the 6.95 shipping with my debt card after I received the video It was for windows 98, I called video professor and told them that I didn't want that verison I was to send the cds back. I was given a return code to ship the cds back,then video professor sent the windows vista verison after receiving that set of cds I called video professor to inform them that I didn't want the cds that I wanted to return them.I spoke with one of the agents she gave me a code to ship them back,Iwas... More...
    jaybee's Picture   jaybee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Yes! It is a scam

    After purchasing one product from Video Professor they charged my credit card an additional $189.95, after about three months of playing their game, I reported them to the Better Business Bureau, the Fair Trade Commission, and the FCC. Two days later I had my money. I urge everyone who has had a bad experience with Video Professor to complain to everyone they can, even if your particular case has been solved. Help get this guy off the business landscape and in jail where he belongs. More...
    Reesh's Picture   Reesh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint and Suggestion

    I am one of many who have signed up for what I thought was a $6.95 offer only to be charged another 189.95 for something I did not knowingly order or want. In my case I was out of the country so was even worse and got a second package and was charged another 189.95 before I caught it in my credit card and stopped it. So I sent back the second package and waited for the refund, getting delay after delay. If you feel you have been charged for something that you didn't order and don't want, or are getting the run-around with refunds, then let me suggest to file as many complaints... More...
  • Absolute SCAM!!!

    I also ordered a Video Professor CD (Excel) and was sent three being told that I had 14 days to send one back if I did not want to be charged. I called and got a return authorization and sent two of them back (because when I called they said I could only keep one if I wanted to not be charged!). They charged me another $189.95 (on top of the original $8.95 shipping for the CDs and when I called they said it could take up to 30 days to be credited to my check card. I filed a dispute with my bank because I had by then decided this was some sort of scam and did not want to risk being told... More...
    eleanora's Picture   eleanora    0 Comments   Comments
  • What a SCAM!!!

    Do not under any circumstances order the so called special price CD. They end up charging you for additional CD"s that they included in your order and it's up to you to pay for the return shipping and cancelled any other automatic charges that they choose to bill you for. I wish I had read these reviews before I placed the order. Like they say "if it's too good to believe, it probably is". I had to call my credit card company to get the charges removed in full. More...
    angelwings455's Picture   angelwings455    0 Comments   Comments

    I was told a refund would take 21-30 "BUSINESS" days. I called several times during this period. Every time was the same. It is still in cue to be refunded. The 30 days time is not up yet blah blah blah... So on the 30th day I called and was told it is set to be refuned today. It should post to your account 24-48 hours. NEVER HAPPENED! I called on the 32nd day and oh the "computer program" that performs the credits missed mine! SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE... Now they say it will take an additional 10-15 days because it has to be done manually. I just filed a complaint... More...
    beardown61's Picture   beardown61    0 Comments   Comments
  • rip off plan for refund

    they will tell you that will refund the the money in 21 to 31 days and will be refunded to same account. I explained to the customer service, that the account no longer exist. the customer service dont know what they are talking about. Customer repeatedly telling will refund the money to the same account. All i asked the customer service to issue me a check instead of crediting to the same account, since the account no longer exist. this is a new scam not to give you the money. More...
    dilseedil's Picture   dilseedil    1 Comments   Comments

    I was charged $189 after they were told to cancel the account and not to attempt a payment from my bank. They took the money anyway then refused to return the $189 before 30 days after receiving the merchandise. I couldn't talk to anyone past the supervisory level. They all had the same song and dance about the 21 to 30 day refund policy and how they could do nothing about making exceptions. I even sent the CEO an e-mail and got absolutely no response from him. Very poor customer service. I know an exception could have been made. More...
    mer7ry2's Picture   mer7ry2    0 Comments   Comments
  • E BAY

    This outfit is nasty. I too ordered the Video Professor to learn about EBAY and I too received a billing for $189.95. To add insult to injury they also charged me 50 cents for Wounded Warriors, 50 cents for Red Cross, 1 dollar for 1st payment towards Video Professor, and 1 dollar for 2nd payment towards Video Professor. I urge you to not order from these people. Carl More...
    cvanwagenen's Picture   cvanwagenen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Video Professor Help

    We too have been the victims of the professor or artful scams. We have just tonight emailed for a response and will wait 24 hours. We will then file a complaint with the state attorney general and contact the media for a nice story about internet scams that take $189 + from accounts of unsuspecting clients. Spread the word, it's a scam and the media in your area should know. More...
    tcs29's Picture   tcs29    1 Comments   Comments
  • ripped off!!!!!

    I ordered your Ebay so called freebie that cost me $6.95. You sent so much crap that I was afraid I would get charged more & could not tell what was free that I sent it back. Before I could do that you sent me more crap. I sent everything back to you & tried to call but get the "non-person" run around. By then you charged me $190 for this mess. I called from work & got to talk to a Kyle. He said you all got the stuff back & would credit my credit card in 7-10 business days. Well that was 6/30/09 & today is 7/16/09. I'm still waiting. You all suck!!!!!!!... More...
    Relliott's Picture   Relliott    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    I also was stupid enough to believe his advertising that his first video was free and the information he advise he sent did not make mention of being billed for this issue only that they would send another program in a few weeks and if we did not want it we could send it back for a refund. What a SCAM THIS IS. I believe there commericials should be removed because it is false advertising. More...
    grlmarcum's Picture   grlmarcum    2 Comments   Comments
  • Video Professor

    I paid shipping and handling 6.00+ for a CD about Ebay and was billed 189.00 today for whatever, I don't know. I called the Card Co to dispute the charge and they are checking it out. It began with somehow getting on and was offered many samples with me paying only the shipping and handling. Four Co's now are billing me a monthly membership fee that I didn't order. More...
    Edward1's Picture   Edward1    0 Comments   Comments
  • ebay

    I signed up to receive a "sample" of the ebay lesson, as advertised, thinking I was paying only for shipping and handling. After I saw some strange choices on my bank account, I called them. They explained the charges, and I understood. However, then I was told that I was set up to receive monthly lessons, and that the sample was only a small "taste" previewing the lesson. I said in no uncertain terms, "NO THANKS!Take me off any list for future lessons!" A while later, I received a package from VP. Thinking it was the sample, I did not open it. I was sick at... More...
    penamom's Picture   penamom    0 Comments   Comments


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